Take control in choosing safer Personal Care products

If you don’t know about this enlightening Cosmetics database, EWG, you should.

The Environmental Working Group, aka “Skin Deep,” quietly and masterfully presents profiles of cosmetics and personal care products for women and men. The Skin Deep scientists review and compare product ingredients (and product Brands), identify and name the ingredients, then exhibit a hazard “rating” to the right of every listing. Just some genres are skin cleansers, foot care, shampoos, cosmetics, oral care, fragrance, and more.

EWG.org also provides valuable tabs and tools for the Ag world, environmental news and research, news releases and articles. Additionally, we can regularly review key issues in Water, Food, Energy,  Farming, Cosmetics, etc., and Consumer Guides for buying or updating your households or property.

When considering a new personal care product, please visit this Free database for tons of powerful information. Thank you so much, Skin Deep. Database address: EWG.org.


by YogaGrit, 10/9/17  


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