GWENN JONES - Informative Content Writer Fitness & Wellness | Yoga Studio Owner & Director | ACE-certified Personal Trainer-25 years

I’m Gwenn, a native Californian and wellness live wire!

My morning ecstasy is my work over the past 25 years as a certified personal trainer, yoga studio director, and yoga instructor.

As an informative content writer, afternoons are tucked away creating healthy lifestyle, fitness, and personal development articles and blogs.


I train both the wellness-minded and the wellness-challenged.

Both groups want genuine lifestyle reform, better body function, and greater comfort. 

The service I bring to you helps mold your current bodily struggles into better body function for YOUR daily routine. I cultivate trust, coach with compassion, and frame fitness programs for groups and individual clients. 

My favorite client feedback is, “I’m so happy, I don’t hurt anymore.” 

With a solid client base of age 40+, my methods are contemporary in exercise science standards and endure time well. 

How my fitness coaching can help you

Can you consistently navigate exercise on your own? It’s great if you can. Many cannot or do not. The group yoga and fitness sessions at my studio answer that point.  

My clients adhere because:

    • I have fun with exercise and nurture a warm community that keeps showing up
    • As a yoga-fitness studio owner, I hold the influence to focus on my clients first — not the cash register
    • The purpose of my teaching is to improve YOUR daily life function, not to create mega biceps
    • Clients are thoroughly coached to use proper exercise form to achieve results and avoid injury
    • The benefits of a particular yoga session or exercise segment are communicated for a clear understanding of how, why, and where our body or posture is affected
    • We elevate endlessly, we laugh frequently, we support liberally 

My purpose is to convert you from stiff to more pliable, curtail injuries, recover your strength and balance, and relieve back pain burdens.  Venture into this quadruple delight with me.

My mother always said I could never sit still !

ACE-certified personal fitness trainer, Gwenn Jones - California
ACE-certified Mind-Body Specialist - Gwenn Jones, California
YogaFit certified instructor - Gwenn Jones California
Gwenn Jones
Licensed Cosmetologist California - Gwenn Jones
Professional Fitness Certifications 
    • ACE* Personal Trainer
    • ACE* Mind-Body Specialist
    • ACE* Functional Training Specialist
    • YogaFit Yoga Instructor
    • ACE Group Fitness Instructor
    • Auburn Yoga Studio Director & Founder

*ACE – American Council on Exercise

Wellness Writer Expertise & Memberships 
    • Fitness-Wellness Web Content Writer
    • Wellness Blogger
    • Email Marketing
    • American Writers & Artists Institute
    • SmartBlogger
    • Medium.com
    • American Council on Exercise 
    • Silver Sneakers

Born and raised:  In spirited San Francisco, relocated to the Sacramento region in 2004. The wellness bug in faithful tow – warmed up and toned.

Favorite distractions Nature walks, kayaking (rookie), any ocean anywhere, visiting yoga classes, dogs, and jaunts to San Francisco.

Wicked indulgences: Sushi, fine dining, red wine, Netflix binging.

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