Interrupt it, Disrupt it, Destroy it

Transforming from coming destruction to reclamation

Dec. 22, 2021

Brutality growing, civility shrinking, betrayal full tilt

Merchants brew with paranoia

Cyber disciples filled with hate

An anxious majority expands

Consequences, only for the weak

I direct you not with violence, but with vivid inspiration

when disillusioned by bloodthirsty puppets

Is there compassion?

Those who convey caring drink spirits of goodness, I pour for them

I listen to the wise, and fall to my knees in amazement

I follow only the blazing path that raises me higher

Perhaps I, myself, will enrich the life of someone new

Interrupt. Yes, goosebumps arise.

Strength I embrace from my father, long missed, always teaching

A habit of patience, securely held, still clutching

To him I promise practice with the robust 

No.  I will become robust.

Transform this environment, for I must

But alone?

Where hungry animals reside, I read you and distance

Those I admire wear threads of humanity, I fasten myself to their garb

The powers of merit sway me indelibly, not corruption

Ease comes fully as I dig deeper, become stronger, do better

Reclaim my leverage, not your bloodshed

Disrupt. Yes I will, one by one.

You, stop fighting goodness; it is toxic

You, halt the violence; kindness is easy

You, begin gratitude; it used to come naturally

You, stop the insults; build up your peers

The present monster murders for attention 

Instead, I build up greatness

I pause for the unexpected, finding resilience amid distress

Disappointments occur. Endure. 

Thank God for the eyes I see with, for my heart that beats

Let influencers show respect, not greed

Drink to fulfill, not extinguish

Momentum will surround 

Brutality arises with the wind, the center of attention it craves

Here it comes, quietly I walk away

Hear everything, speak nothing, don’t feed the monster

Interrupt it, disrupt it, destroy it with silence

Together, you and I will raise power and goodwill

Our self-control strong, our tenacity fierce

The unacceptable, poised for destruction

You savages, shatter

Magnify new authority

Celebrate the glory in majority

Break up the looming present, my future certain

Protect me, shield my neighbor

Destroy the monster

By G.L. Jones, ed., Wellness content writer

Dec. 22, 2021

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